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About Marifa Institute

 About us

Marifa Institute was created as an answer to a widespread need within the Muslim Community to understand the Arabic Language and hence the Qur’an.

Previously, it had been acceptable and in fact, it was considered sufficient to be able to read the Arabic Qur’an without understanding. However, as awareness has grown in our community, there has been a yearning especially among women, to actually understand what they are reading.

The founders of Marifa Institute, (being involved in many organizational activities in the field of Islamic awareness and having organised several ladies retreats where the focus was on understand the Qur’an, personally transformation and subsequently getting closer to Allah), had noticed this tremendous need within our community. To quench this thirst for knowledge, just annually retreats were not sufficient. In 2012 Marifa Institute was born. 

Marifa institute is a non-profit organisation, which focuses on Islamic education and awareness as well as spiritual reformation and transformation, our motto being ‘Transformation Through Knowledge’.

Marifa Institute organizes a variety of courses, seminars, as well as retreats focused on raising Islamic and Spiritual Awareness within our community.

We believe that through knowledge of Allah (SWT) by means of studying his  words, the words of the Qur'an, we can attain personal transformation and get closer to the Ultimate Goal, which is "Marifa" of Allah (SWT) a term used for those who gain consciousness , Knowledge of their Creator, and ultimately closeness to Him (SWT). Marifa Institute organizes a variety of courses, seminars as well as retreats focused on raising Islamic and Spiritual Awareness within our community.


Marifa Institute hosts many seminars on various topics with various different speakers and experts.

Our Ladies Spiritual Retreats are quite popular, with participants numbering between 100 and 150 and have been hailed by many as a ‘life-changing’ experience. We have conducted retreats throughout South Africa, in major cities like Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town as well as Bela Bela and Polokwane.

Ladies retreats have been presented by Dr Haifaa Younis (Jannah Institute, USA). Topics of past retreats have been: ‘Tawheed’, ‘Living Iman’, ‘Living Sabr’, ‘Surah Zumar’, ‘Living Taqwa’,  ‘Living Shukr’, and ‘Surah Al-Furqaan’.

What sets our courses apart from those of other institution is the fact that we use modern state-of-art technology and facilities to teach Arabic Grammar. By using tools such as power-point, etc the student can visualize the grammar rules and it makes it easier for all ages to grasp the concept. The course is structured first to cover essential grammatical rules and concepts with subjects such as Nahw (Arabic Grammar), Sarf (Morphology), Arabic conversation and Arabic Reading being taught in the first few months,  followed by translation of the entire Qur'an and Tasfeer. With the completion of this course, the student is equipped with the skills to be able to translate Arabic text as well as understand the Qur'an word by word.

The students can choose to study this course full-time and complete the entire Qur'an in a year, or part-time (twice weekly) and complete the Qur'an in 3-4 years. Saturday and evening classes are also offered.

Further advanced classes are taught in Tasfeer, Seerah, Fiqh of worship and Meerath (Islamic inheritance) upon completion of the initial Qur'an Course.

Our premises at Abubakr Siddiqui Masjid in Erasmia, Pretoria is a hub of activity throughout the week. We have several classes running at any one time and we have a dynamic group of female teachers led by our Mudeer, Moulana Sadiq Jacobs.

Qur'an recitation is taught from basics (Alif, Baa) up to advanced level. Tajweed level and level two courses are conducted under the supervision of Imam Ali S Hashim.

To bring the Noble Qur'an Alive in Every Home.

To equip students with Tools to Understand Qur'an in a Non-Judgmental way. To promote Transformation of the self through the active study of the Book of Allah

Meet the Teachers.

We have a dedicated team of educators who are passionate

  about guiding and supporting you along your journey as you master the Qur'an  

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Imam Ali S Hashim 

Imam Ali S Hashim, who completed Arabic, Quranic and Islamic studies under multiple outspoken scholars, including Dr Muhammad Shawky (Egypt), Dr Shaykh Mustafa, Sheikh Omran Musleh and Muhammad ar-Rizq. Imaam Ali possesses ijazaat in multiple disciplines including the ten Qira'at and is a regular Judge at various Hifdh and Qiraat Competitions.







female-silhouetteMualima Khadija 

Khadija Suliman, or Umm Asmaa, matriculated at Central Islamic School. Having accompanied her parents to Kuwait, she enrolled at Kuwait University and completed a B.S in Computer Engineering. Whilst in Kuwait, she enrolled in evening classes at the Darul Quran where she studied various subjects in Islamic Studies.
Upon returning to South Africa she was encouraged by her mother to teach Arabic. She joined Ma'rifah Institute in 2014 and has been teaching there since.
It is every individuals desire to be the best of persons. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have stated: "The best amongst is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it". Hers is but a small effort in that direction.





female-silhouetteMualima Rizka 

Muallima Rizka's journey with the Arabic language and Qur'an began in primary school and, inspired by her teachers at Central Islamic School in Pretoria, she went on to study at Ma'had an-Nur al-Islami ladies classes, which were then held in the afternoon at Central Islamic School, and at Darus Salaam in Laudium. She memorised the Quraan after completing matric. She has taught intermediary phase Arabic at Al-Asr Educational Institute in Claudius. After spending a few years at home, she decided to join Marifa Institute as a student. She began teaching as a substitute teacher and is now a full-time teacher at Marifa Institute.
She loves how Marifa appeals to women from all backgrounds and hopes to see the institute grow on a national and international level..


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